Hermes Replica Kelly–hiastory

Hermes Replica Kelly

In 1892, the prototype Hight Bag of Hermes kelly Bag was introduced. In 1930, it was changed to fit for ladies to carry it. At that time, it was a limited edition product of Hermes.Hermes ReplicaHandbags, became famous in Life magazine in 1956 when Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco, was pictured carrying Hermes Kelly with her baby, and Hight Bag has since been changed to Hermes Kelly, sparking a frenzy.In 1980, the new kelly bag was added by 40 centimeters, starting with 28 centimeters, 32 centimeters and 35 centimeters.

The Hermes Replica Kelly, made after 1970, have a unique logo in the back strap, with the letters for the factory, then the year, and finally the code for the craftsman.


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